On-Site and Off-Site Services

Organic Waste Management offers joint ventures with companies that produce organic waste. Take our survey to allow us to assess if your company has the scale and capital to move forward in a profitable way.

Types of Waste we recycle

Organic wastes come in all shapes, sizes, volatilities, consistencies and moisture contents.

  • Manures
  • Paunch
  • Food processing wastes
  • Any wood or vegetative materials
  • Milk waste
  • Egg waste
  • Other industrial organic waste
  • Selected liquids

Literature shows that low level contaminLiterature shows that low level contaminated wastes such as TPH and other organic residues are easily treatable however we require a trial to be performed off-site.

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Off-site service options

Potential joint venture opportunities for companies that produce waste, require fertiliser or need land reclaimed.

Joint Venture opportunities

Scale and Capital dependent

  1. Option 1 - Independent large scale resource recovery station
  2. Option 2 - Independent small scale niche recovery station
  3. Option 3 - Utilisation of waste produced on-site
  4. Option 4 - Creation of fertiliser for internal use
  5. Option 5 - Forestry Projects
  6. Option 6 - Land reclamation
  7. Option 7 - Land remediation
  8. Option 8 - Landfills & municipalities
  9. Option 9 - Waste transport company

Fill in our Waste Survey so we can  assess your businesses potential to recycle waste profitably.

What we provide is

Quality management system
Assistance in design of property and procedures
Yearly audit
Access to innovative odour suppresion techniques
Marketing & Sales information
Troubleshooting and technical assistance