Welcome to Organic Waste Management

Organic Waste Management is a joint venture with Back 2 Earth which sells natural fertiliser with organic carbon. Organic waste management recycles organic waste at our facility at Tooradin. We also offer joint ventures to any company that produces organic waste , to manage that waste, recieve additional revenues from other waste sources, and to produce a fertiliser from the overall process.

Service at Tooradin

We utilise several alternative methods of treating a range of organic wastes, both inert and odourous, which diverts that waste from landfill and ocean outfall.

Off-site service options

Does your company make large volumes of waste?

Does your farm require carbon based fertiliser to improve soil quality and yields?

Do you want to reclaim large tracts of salt affected and eroded soils?

Are you interested in capturing carbon in your soil with possible carbon sequesteration credits produced pending climate change legislation?

If so...

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What we privide is

Quality management system
Assistance in design of property and procedures
Yearly audit
Access to innovative odour suppresion techniques
Marketing & Sales information
Troubleshooting and technical assistance