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  • Carbon is essential for soil

  • Microbes can unlock minerals locked up in the carbon and the soil

  • Organic carbon exists as humus and fulvate

  • Organic carbon provides a home for microbes which slowly breakdown the humus and fulvate

  • Organic carbon increases soils CEC
  • Organic carbon increase the soils ability to retain water

  • Organic carbon assists in regulating soil pH.

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The director of Back to earth Australia P/L has been operating worm farms since 1991. Our current site at Tooradin was established in 1999 and since then we have developed techniques for growing earthworms en masse.

Products to be relased soon

We have been developing our worm tea/extraction brewing machine which has been used as a liquid fertiliser with excellent results. This tea has been used on our orchard onsite which has reduced disease to an excellent level.


Our brew machine is currently being re-tooled to allow us to produce large volumes to reduce the overall cost to the farmer.

Current products

EM Casting compost blend (20%)  -  $35 per cubic metre

Liquid products - Currently not available


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