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Green Friends

Here is a list of local companies from the local area that are either "green" or fundamentally trying to achieve sustainability.

We will be adding to our website soon a company which can spread up to 25 cubic metres per time. That will be enough to cover 5 acres at 5 metres to the acre.

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Organic Waste Management (OWM)

Organic Waste recycled

We recycle organic waste such as wood, manure, paunch, organic liquids and a range of organic materials. If your company is looking for an alternative to land filling and ocean outfall (trade waste) contact us through our website.

Waste Survey and off-site joint ventures

If you produce waste or require fertiliser for your farm, fill in our survey about setting up your own waste management system

Climate change in the future

Organic waste and agriculture maybe brought under climate change legislation and may attract extra costs for the amount of pollution they release. Recycled organic waste and the fertiliser it produces should not attract these charges and will become increasingly cost effective over time.

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