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B2E the company is fundamentally a Research & Development company. We have spent the last 3 years developing a method for regulating the living environment of the worm beds and are continuing its development. To increase our control of the system and improve the consistency of our castings.


We are developing a compost source which allows quicker production of a carbon source that is mixable with the castings, to allow a higher volume output of a microbiologically active mixture. Our new compost process has undergone its testing phase and is now in full production. It combines nitrogen rich sources such as manure and paunch with an actively degradable lignin, cellulose and hemi-cellulose source which use the nitrogen as fuel to breakdown the material in to humus. This product can be sold as the EM treated compost alone or can be blended with castings for an enriched source of microbes.


There are several areas we are focusing on over the next few years;

R&D into soil ecology involving microbes that exist in castings and compost

Increasing the volume of worm tea creation to enable bulk usage of up to 22,500L per run - this will have huge cost savings for broad applications.

Trial our techniques on properties effected from (√ , starting soon, started or TBA) : Compaction (started), Erosion (TBA), Sand (Very Positive), Heavy Acidic Clay (Very Positive) & Salt (TBA).

Monitor transfer of organisms from liquid to paddock<

Trial earthworm reintroduction to off-site paddocks and or contaminated sites

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