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Products Brief

  • Compost
  • Compost blended with castings
  • Worm tea (NA)
  • Worm extracts (NA)
  • All composts are screened through a 10mm screen and have been treated with Effective Micro-organisms (EM)
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Special Prices

These prices are specials and will change from time to time. Compost and Castings are and 0.7 - 0.8 tonnes per the metre depending on moisture content.

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Product Warning

These products are made from organic materials sourced from organic waste that contain living micro-organisms, including bacteria, fungi and protozoa.

 This product may contain traces of deleterious material.



Inhalation of this material, both dusts and liquid vapours (bioaerosols) may irritate, inflame or infect the throat, eyes, lungs and nose with a range of illness including asthma or hayfever and not limited to cough’s such as pneumonia (Legionnaires disease) or pneumonia like disease (composter’s lung).

Avoid direct contact with dusts and bioaerosols which may cause irritation or infection of the eyes, skin and lungs.

Sensitivity to the material is exacerbated for people with allergies and those whose immune defence systems are compromised.