Back To Earth Australia

Company Objectives

  • Increase quality and cost competitivness to chicken manure and synthetic fertilisers.

  • Improve CEC's and soil fertility in broadacre grass lands

  • Carry out R&D into soil flora and faunae

  • Create healthy soil and carbon sinks on local farms

  • Promote our operation as a possible Joint Venture to other companies

  • Perform trials on salt/erosion affected properties

  • Trial worm tea/extract as a diesease suppressor on both broadacre and fruit & Vegetables

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Types of common questions

Why bother applying carbon to my farms?

It depends. Sandy soils have a very low cation exchange capacity (CEC) which is vastly increased with the presence of organic carbon. CEC provides soil with the ability to hold and retain nutrients that would otherwise wash out in the first rains.

Why not chicken manure?

Chicken manure contains a lot of readily available nutrients otherwise known as soluble nutrients. Soluble nutrients are fast acting and often wash away from unresponsive soils i.e. low cation exchange capacity (CEC). The chicken manure tends to have a low pH which can excerabte the common problem of pH. Our compost is usually slightly basic (pH ~8.5) and has a high calcium magnesium ratio which is documentated to stop heavy clays becoming very sticky. Secondly the microbes that are contained in chicken manure can contain hazardous micro-organisms such as E.Coli and Salmonella compost on the othehand have killed these microbes off.

Why is your product cheaper than most other composts?

Our compost is recycled from the local municipality which can contain foreign objects such as plastic. Screening the compost through a 10mm screen reduces contamination to a large extent, however small trace will always be present.


Because of this we aim our product for broadacre applications which do not carry the risk of finding its way in to footy fields and backyards where people have close contact with the product.

At the end of the day....

Most farmers have done enougth research and talked about these problems for a while... It is the fear of using a product that doesn't perform compared to synthetics and other organic fertilisers.

Come down and have a look at our product and see if it will suit your requirements. We suggest test stripes for potential clients and we can arrange genorous terms of payment.