Back To Earth Australia

Company Objectives

  • Increase quality and cost competitivness to chicken manure and synthetic fertilisers.

  • Improve CEC's and soil fertility in broadacre grass lands

  • Carry out R&D into soil flora and faunae

  • Create healthy soil and carbon sinks on local farms

  • Promote our operation as a possible Joint Venture to other companies

  • Perform trials on salt/erosion affected properties

  • Trial worm tea/extract as a diesease suppressor on both broadacre and fruit & Vegetables

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Basic Compost

This product has a pH of 8.0 to 8.5 this makes an ideal alternative to Lime (calcium oxide). The product is sourced from green waste and has a high amount of lignin, cellulose and hemi-cellulose that are well known to create organic carbon.

Compost Blended with castings

Compost is blended with castings. The benefit of this is provided through the increased biodiversity that exists in vermicast. Thermophilic compost is reported to have higher biodiversity than mesophilic composts,  thermophilic bacteria are unique to this compost type as mesophilic bacteria are ubiqutous in the environment anyway. Castings on the other hand have a completly different microbial environment - which contains almost double the amount of bacterial biodiversity than compost alone. Fungi and beneficial nematodes are also far more abundant than in the castings. 

Worm Tea / Extracrts

Worm tea has been shown to improve soil fertility and pest management. The large array of biodiversity that exists in the vermicast creates a hostile environment to invading pests.

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