Back To Earth Australia

Company Objectives

  • Increase quality and cost competitivness to chicken manure and synthetic fertilisers.

  • Improve CEC's and soil fertility in broadacre grass lands

  • Carry out R&D into soil flora and faunae

  • Create healthy soil and carbon sinks on local farms

  • Promote our operation as a possible Joint Venture to other companies

  • Perform trials on salt/erosion affected properties

  • Trial worm tea/extract as a diesease suppressor on both broadacre and fruit & Vegetables

Contact details

Our Team

The Managing Director, G. Swann is a Bachelor of Pharmacology who has been running worm farms since 1991. His experience of managing worm beds is second to none and the system he has devised has brought worm farms to large scale. Currently we have created 1.7 linear kilometres of worm beds on site.


The other director R. Jans, has had 30 + years in the earth moving industry and project management. For a large number of years Mr. Jans had work in landfill managing tips in Clayton. The waste and lack of resource recovery Mr Jans witnessed in the landfill operations led him to join Mr Swann in 2004, where Mr Jans commenced an overhaul of the property that only an earthmover can do. We now have all weather access and a suite of machines ranging from 2 tonnes to 45 tonnes from skidsteers to scrapers.


A. Swann completed university in 2007 at which point he joined the company to lend a hand in administrative tasks and scientific research. During his 6 years of uni education A. Swann had recieved a Bachelor of Commerce mastering in finance & a Bachelor of Science mastering in Molecular Biology with his honours thesis being completed in stem cell research under Proffesor Alan Trounson & Proffesor Graham Jenkins.


S. Jans is a recent addition to the team and she is currently completeing her honours in horticulture. Her textbook knowledge of plant diseases and nutrient requirements are a welcome addition to the team.


We have recently added another 4 employees to our team and we are glad to have the extra help in keeping our site looking tidy.